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Re: Simon's new Xantia V6 and Leaf blog

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Have you had a chance to strip down the original box yet Simon? We are all wondering what had happened! :)
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Re: Simon's new Xantia V6 and Leaf blog

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A good few vehicles have used ATF-type lubrication for manual gearboxes. Products like Syntrax and Syntrans were classed as Manual Transmission Fluids, after difficulties were found changing gear in cold weather with traditional gearbox oils, back in the '80s.

Added friction additives (!) aside, to make sure that synchromesh mechanisms worked properly (similar to current GL-4 / GL-5 considerations), light gear oil and heavy duty running are not mutually exclusive - Castrol once explained to me that they specified Castrolite (light oil) for some HGV and transporter applications, because of the inherent shear strength.

No synchro in your reduction box, so presumably a wide choice of lubricants. The oil of choice in the highly-loaded Rover V8 5-speed manual box evolved iirc from 75W90, to 75W80, to ATF, to MTFs as they became available.