I have a Xantia S2 V6

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Re: I have a Xantia S2 V6

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Does this help?

http://www.renault4.co.uk/tech-brake-drums.htm" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Re: I have a Xantia S2 V6

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No, sadly not, as mine are sweet FA like that. They might be off a Renault 6... welcome to kit-car hell... they might be off an early 5.
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Re: I have a Xantia S2 V6

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Bleeding: Gunson's eazi bleed - piece of cake then! Don't try it until you have the drum and shoes on - unless you clamp the cylinder so it doesn't just pop out :oops:
Reuilding: Take a photo before removing (oops!); copy the other side. Are they auto adjusting? Should just fit up, adjust it so that the drum just slips on, bleed the brakes, then stamp on the pedal a few times which should then take up the slack in the adjuster. Shouldn't be any need to re-bleed.
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Post by addo »

They look like the offset peg adjuster type shoes you turned with a square ring spanner, I know they would have been on more cars than just Renault.