Heater blower area lights out

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Heater blower area lights out

Post by xantiagreen »

Hi, How do I get the bulbs at the back of the heater control unit, bottom bulbs are dim and top are dead also how do i get behind the hazards/ aircon and alarm override square switches to change the bulbs/led's.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Heater blower area lights out

Post by Skull »

I've just done this on my Xantia - the Haynes manual is very vague on this job. I ended up uncliping the front of the fascia :oops: which is a nightmare to replace correctly without it repeatedly spitting out the rubber baffles on the slider controls.

When you get access to the unit there is a black cover on the top part which clips off 2 large clips either side. This will allow you to see the internal mechanism. The bulb holder is towards the front of the opening you now have. You can then move the top 2 slider controls to give you the best clearance for the tandem bulb holder to be removed - which unclips and will come out with perseverance (the 2 bulbs are £4 each from Citroen :shock: )