C5 Locking nut

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C5 Locking nut

Post by ej2095 »

Hi all

I have a year 2000 c5 estate and i dont seem to have the nut to remove the locking nut...

Help please

I got the replacements to replace these with standard nuts so just need the things removing..
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Re: C5 Locking nut

Post by KevMayer »

I got my locking wheel bolts removed at a local tyre/exhaust etc. place. | had my locking key available but it wouldn't work on one wheel so I got the lot removed.

These tyre places are always having to deal with locking wheel bolts that won't come off even when the correct key is available.

The chap used a mig welder to weld a 12 mm bolt to the locking bolt and then removed it with a spanner. It cost £20.

There are devices available but, by the time you've spent on a device, which may not work, you could get the tyre man to do it.
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Re: C5 Locking nut

Post by Gibbo2286 »

My local tyre company had them all off in about ten minutes, a special tool and a big hammer.
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Re: C5 Locking nut

Post by waynedance »

Not really much help to you but the locking nuts are one of the first things I remove from my cars.

As said a garage will remove them for a fee.