Picasso starting problems

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Picasso starting problems

Post by paul64k »


I bought a 53 plate 2.0 hdi picasso a few months ago, and is getting really difficult to start now. It seems to turn over very slowly and now needs a jump start to get it going in the morning.

I have had the Battery tested at a local garage and they said it's Ok, but it as a date stramped on it from 2003, the car as done 76k and runs really well once started.

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Re: Picasso starting problems

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Next time you try to start her, see how hot the battery terminals are. If the cables are failing these terminals can get hot, which can cause your symptoms. See attached post;

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Re: Picasso starting problems

Post by Peter.N. »

Hi Paul

You can't tell if a battery is OK by measuring the voltage, it will still read 12v when its nearly flat, it needs a load putting across, if they used a load tester how long did they test it for? Does it turn over faster when you jump it? if so I would say that the battery needs replacing. Otherwise it could be a tired starter motor.