I like living here

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Re: I like living here

Post by CitroJim »

myglaren wrote:
Huish Episcopi
What a brilliant name Jim :)
It's a lovely little village actually Steve. Famous for its cider pub (jgra knows it well!) and the very pretty village church that appeared on a postage stamp in the early 70s...

Here's the stamp and here's the pub :-D

I tell you what Sticky, your dawn is a lot more pleasant than ours. At least you look out on scenery rather than endless urban sprawl and I bet you don't 'enjoy' the incessant sounds of coppers playing with their sirens on the M1 that's just a swallow's flight away and a constant irritation...

I know your gaff is not perfect. Big lorries going to the quarries and the cold of winter. It was for no reason the railwaymen of old christened the locality Siberia :lol:

Despite all that it's a bloody sight better than here.

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Re: I like living here

Post by Stickyfinger »

:), I never see the stone lorries up our lane/hill, they are not allowed so nice and qt except for the kids in the tractors with the crashing trailer trying to get home early. :)

I still love the dawn/view here, with the workshops and an office with the same view I am very lucky and it is impossible to stay angry if I just go outside....it why I moved from a little Dorset Sh1t hole called Gillingham (chav central; !)
Cold wind....again as we are in the lee of the hill we are quite shaded from the front and have large tall trees behind to offer cover from the north winds.....still get @@@@@dy cold tho :)