bunch of crooks ( ebay )

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bunch of crooks ( ebay )

Post by citronut » 07 Aug 2013, 22:18

i understand ebay will be not only taking a percentage of the final selling fee from private sellers, but now they are going to also take a percentage of the postage charged by the seller,

dont they take enough money from there customers already

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Re: bunch of crooks ( ebay )

Post by Gingerposer » 07 Aug 2013, 22:25

Is that not more to stop the chancers who hike up the postal cost to make up for what they lose on fees on the item's selling price?

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Re: bunch of crooks ( ebay )

Post by daviemck2006 » 07 Aug 2013, 22:59

I would say its to stop the big postage, small price thing. However, The gut That I got my recent tyres from had them on an auction starting at £10 no reserve and £60 postage, for 2 tyres?????? Bet he was pissed off when someone 20 miles away won them!

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Post by addo » 08 Aug 2013, 00:04

Like all near-monopolies, they're doing it because they can.

I go behind the official route wherever possible; "feedback" is a sham as is equality of parties under PP's adjudication. I'm not alone as Fleabay makes it hard to find means of contact other than their messaging system - a clear admission that quite a few people backdoor the process.

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Re: bunch of crooks ( ebay )

Post by citronut » 08 Aug 2013, 08:29

also if a buyer inquires were there item has got to if they have not yet received it, that action automatically opens a case against the seller,

we are seriously thinking about checking how are Ebid coming along now,

http://uk.ebid.net/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

and boycotting EBAY SPREAD THE WORD :evil: :evil: :yikes: :wiggle: :wink:

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Re: bunch of crooks ( ebay )

Post by Xaccers » 08 Aug 2013, 11:30

I bought a USB 3G dongle from a supposedly UK based Ebayer stating that the postage was Royal Mail tracked 24 (so tracked and should arrive within 24 hours).
Three weeks went by and I sent them a message asking where it was and could they give me the tracking number so I can check, they said they'll send another one which I thought was great, if 2 turn up I'll send one back.
Another week goes by, I message them that I've still not had a delivery and could they please give me the tracking details. They replied with "Royal mail tracked 24" and that was all so I asked again and got no response.
Gave them a day or so then reported it to Ebay, couple of days later they found in my favour and refunded me the money. I heard no more from the ebayer and bought the item from someone else. Had they said "look, the item is out of stock, we're expecting it in a few weeks, we'll give you a discount or cancel the order and refund you" then I wouldn't have minded, but there was nothing useful from them. The worst bit was that due to having the transaction cancelled I couldn't leave any feedback warning others. Looking at their recent negative feedback it looks like since I placed the order there'd been several other customers in the same boat with either 2nd hand goods sent to them or nothing at all.

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Re: bunch of crooks ( ebay )

Post by Timmo » 09 Aug 2013, 11:14

i tend to only buy on ebay now if its a good price, only sold a couple of items in the past few years mostlty due to the Fees! 10% final valuation fee ontop of paypals fees and any other hidden fee's thay can think of, more often than not the local paper is the best place for selling!!

will bookmark ebid though! ;-)

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Re: bunch of crooks ( ebay )

Post by myglaren » 09 Aug 2013, 17:43

Only had two problems with eBay sellers.
First was years ago, bought a CD of Equinox which turned out to be an unplayable rubbish copy.
Money refunded and seller vanished completely.
I just bought a new washer bottle for the C5. Turned out to be the wrong part but car passed MOT anyway, old one fixed with silicon.

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Re: bunch of crooks ( ebay )

Post by citroenxm » 09 Aug 2013, 19:34

I also find Ebay extorshinate for charges ETC..

Id be soooo tempted to setup a new web site and charge a FLAT FEE of say Ten Pounds end of, to list anything!

Then just leave it in the corener running taking in all the payments.... surely there cant be anything stopping a "New" web site for selling being setup...