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Top Gear

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

I have just watched the last episode of the current series of Top Gear, and (while recent episodes have gone downhill) it made me proud I am from the isles of Great Britain. The last item really made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

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Re: Top Gear

Post by Citroening »

Even Citroen made it on there too! Apparently the clutch in the DS3 WRC was made in Britain...

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Re: Top Gear

Post by daviemck2006 »

I fell asleep during it, have to watch it again on bbc i-player.

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Re: Top Gear

Post by CitroJim »

This season of TG bar a couple of episodes has been quite entertaining... I howled at the caravans last week and was impressed with the the Land Rover Sport...

Interesting about what's still made in the UK but in a feat of programming that only the beeb could do it was immediately followed by a tedious programme on how the Jerries have completely dominated the UK car market and thus completely nullified it :twisted: Balanced and impartial programming I guess.. :roll:

For the first time ever yesterday I drove a German car and was rather impressed. Mind you it was a Merc SL55 AMG :lol:

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Re: Top Gear

Post by KP »

Im still not convinced by the new SSRR. Fair enough its a hell of a lot better than the old model but its not based on the same chassis as the FFRR as its got no chassis! its a monocoque and they are very different items..

I'm going to try and grab Das Auto on iPlayer as its something that looks good to watch.

I would loved to have been at the Mall the day they did that display though :) would have been even better in person, and i bet they could have charged 50p/head for people to nosey about along the sides :)