how much do you spnd a week on fuel

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addo wrote:Interesting that many people either can't or won't address the originally posed question - which I would have thought crux of the topic!
As much as I need to?

£35 got me to work this week, 40 mile round trip, in the Berlingo, 5 days..

Next week I'm only on for 4 days, so will probably use the MX5. That'll cost me £35 too.. it's a 1.8 MK2

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But - that's a fair answer, and with data. I spent less this week (only $100 and the light's not on yet), due to not driving so much.

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Re: how much do you spnd a week on fuel

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Some weeks upto £140 and other weeks barely nothing...

i've got at most 560miles i think from the FF tank which is 104.5litres and i've at most squeezed 98.6 in once!

The HDi i currently drive though is being super cheap. I havent got it to drop below 45mpg despite my driving style and urban use! it seems to get at least 600 from a tank which isn't too bad really for an 11year old HDi90 :)