WVO bandits

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Re: WVO bandits

Post by evilally »

Misfuel mate, it's the way forward! If someone fills their car with the wrong fuel, the garage then has to pay to dispose of that mixed fuel. I know my car will run at up to 20% petrol without ill effect. Using a hydrometer, I can tell the approximate blend of the misfuel, usually it's 50/50 petrol/diesel. So, I can therefor run 40% misfuel (resulting in a blend of 60% WVO, 20% diesel, 20% petrol). I blend it with the WVO before processing. It greatly reduces the viscosity and makes water and other gunk drop out in about 24-48 hours. I then filter the remainder straight to 1 micron, the stuff flies through the filter no problem even in winter.

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Post by addo »

That's a canny move.

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Re: WVO bandits

Post by MikeT »

Ah, is what I guessed it might be. Didn't think garages would pay to dispose though, expected mechanics to grab it first - fuel is (expensive) fuel after all.
Thanks :)

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Re: WVO bandits

Post by andy5 »

Can you give any advice about obtaining the misfuel mix? Do you just ring or visit a load of local service places and ask, and leave your name for them to contact you later if they get any?