Spotted Xantias! (and other French stuff)

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Post by Sid_the_Squid »

Spotted just a moment ago (13:33) in waitrose carpark welwyn garden city a lovely xantia v6 exclusive in black with black leather. W reg, pictures to follow when my photobucket mobile will upload.

Anyone on here own this car?

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Post by f00lzz »

myglaren wrote:Not even remotely French and not even spotted by me but this surely deserves to be seen:

Nice.. not sure about the wing mirrors tho'

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Post by f00lzz »

Sid_the_Squid wrote:Here is a brief snap of a passing xantia I saw in France last week, have you ever seen one that colour before?
I certainly have not.

I like that one, looks like S2 rear lights but the bumpers and side stripes aren't colour matched! I think I prefer it like that.

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Post by citronut »

there's an left hooker AMI 6 estate with frogy plates parked on the sea front/marina in St Leonards on sea,

i took a couple of picys of it on my NOKIA X6 and when i get round to installing the NOKIA OVI software on the computer im curently useing, i will try to post them on here,

or i might borrow my daughters blue tooth dongly thing and just send then straight to this computer via that,

its got two chances

regards malcolm

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Post by myglaren »

If you have the leads it should pick up the camera without any additional software Malcolm, will see it as a camera or USB drive and you can just drag the photos off it.

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Post by Citroening »

Spotted a V reg Xantia HDi 110BHP Exclusive in black tonight. 8-)

Well...we actually tried to buy it at EAMA but went too dear for us!

Was a fairly nice car but went to a fellow trader...75,000 miles too.

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Post by Trainman »

Spotted a white BX Estate on Winwick Road in Warrington about 12:30 on a K reg, looked tidy but was passing in the opposite direction.

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Post by XantiaMan »

Spotted an N reg Activa in Blue in Sainsburys car park, Jacobswell, Surrey.

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Post by CitroJim »

I spotted (got overtaken by) a red MK2 V6 Xantia today on the M25 just past the M3 junction :D On a T plate ending BKV.

First time I've seen another V6 whist out and about..

Saw about 10 other Xantias today in my run down to Somerset and return via Crawley (ish)

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Post by KevMayer »

Just been to Rhodes for 2 weeks. Saw 4 Xantias. All were 1.8 16V.

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Post by Trainman »

A gold Vel Satis in Leyland about 10:00 this morning :D

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Post by citroenesque »

Black Citroen BX 16v (ph. 2) Maldon, Essex, yesterday.

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Post by Toby_HDi »

Spotted what I'm sure was a Mk1 N reg Red Activa today. Was on the Hurn road (I was on my way to catch the Vulcan take off from the Airport but it seems it's tucked away in a hangar awaiting the weekend).

I'm sure I saw the door badges with a white background. Only problem was it was towing an evil attachment.......a CARAVAN!!! :evil:

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Post by Homer »

Saw quite a few C6s, Xantias, BXs and even a tidy looking GS club in Portugal last week.

Got a pic of the GS I'll get round to uploading it at some point.

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Post by MikeT »

I saw a very clean black XM and a lovely green MK2 Xantia yesterday. The green wasn't a colour I've seen before, it seemed perfect for that car - certainly made it stand out catching my eye instantly.