peugeot 306 Dturbo

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Re: peugeot 306 Dturbo

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bxzx16v wrote:I know someone who has a Zx volcane turbo diesel with the same engine which had been tweaked with a bigger turbo etc , it eventually went BANG !!!!! , and he's had to buy some forged pistons etc now .

ye engine spat a rod i take it. they are known for doing this even if the car hasnt been tuned. im not going to run high boost and make sure i keep on top of services
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Re: peugeot 306 Dturbo

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I think the general conclusion with that was the odd one may well do it although the other thing I heard a lot of was some of the DHY units (306S2 TD's which all had a Lucas pump unlike S1's could be either most likely Bosch on the TD) , some may of had the N/A rods fitted which would cause this 'concern', someone also suggested the EGR could play a part in this but I'm not quite sure how personally. Its an old thing now and I think the ones that were going to let go would of done so by now.

My general conclusion is we'll never really know why, although as I say those that were going to explode will have done so by now even if you take into account those high miles ones with little load vs those that were abused around towns / country lanes etc. I guess that explains the miles variation in these 'concerns' , I don't think now given the passage of time that it will be a problem anymore.

In reality I only ever saw one do it in all the years and it was a 406 1.9 the sump was peppered to say the least. Owner just said there was a loud bang (!) and that was it.

Interesting you have a sunroof shell, I was thinking about this a few days ago actually about AC vs SR shells.

As far as see the only downside of the SR shell is the potential for more water leaks but the advantages are a simpler (slightly) engine bay due to no AC, a glovebox that is actually useable and a much simpler rad fan control with standard sensor fitted to it vs the Bitron system fitted to the AC models, nothing wrong with that but a conventional switch is easier and cheaper to fix too.