My Bixe

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Re: My Bixe

Post by Chris570 »

CitroJim wrote:
Chris570 wrote:I don't normally like BX's but I like that (blocks ebay)
I'm surprised Chris - they're only a baby XM :wink:

It's one Citroen I've never had the pleasure to own nor drive.

And that's not likely to change any time soon...

Junk, she's looking good 8-)
According to you Jim, everything is a baby XM! the XM itself is a toddler anyway with it's tantrums
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Re: My Bixe

Post by Junkman »

Thanks, all.

Trust me, it looks a lot better in the pics than in real life.
But it appears to be mechanically sound and the interior is really exceptional considering age and mileage.
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Re: My Bixe

Post by Xantianut »

Ay up!

I still miss my old BX. :cry:

They are a great motor to drive. More nimble than the Xantia and, if anything, slightly comfier.