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Post by TomH »

Interesting reading!
Not sure how to measure MPG so accurately though... best I can do is zero the trip meter when filling up, but as I don't like risking running it down to totally empty I don't know how to get accurate figures!
my ZX 1.9D does about 300 miles on 26 quids worth of diesel and I do work the car quite hard and have a lot of short journeys. So that's what, 33.3 litres so 9 miles per litre or 41mpg?
Should it be miles per litre these days anyway?

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Post by reblack68 »

I have a Renault Savanna 7seater with a 1.9 litre, non-turbo diesel- the same 65bhp engine as they put in the Clio.
I drive it pretty hard and it has consistently done 10 miles per litre, 45.4mpg since I got it. I'm hoping I can improve on that when It's been serviced and it's summer. The previous owner claimed he got 35mpg locally and 40mpg on a run.
My previous car, an Escort 90ps TD estate did slightly less but went a lot faster.
You should never ever deliberately run out of fuel on any vehicle. Apart from mechanical considerations it is an extremely dangerous thing to do. The way to check is to fill the tank to the neck then measure how much fuel it takes to refill it.

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Post by Paulee »

my zx volcane averages around 40mpg .
most of its work is 90mph motorway if you push it more it dips to around 35mph whats amazing is it does it mile after mile no fuss.
A V8 stage one landy I had did 13 - 17 mpg !!!! and a Monza GSE around 18 - 20.
Best I have had was a chipped Xsara HDi that would crise at 110mph or burble along in 5th at 1200 rpm and never returned less than 40mpg.
I drove them all very swiftly...alot depends on the state of the engine tune and style of driving...
you can get 35mpg out of a Hillman Hunter 1750 auto if you try hard enough but it ain't fun....

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Post by ZXturbo_Aura »

my mates lancia delta hf turbo gives him 12 mpg! haha! he enveys me because my ZX returns about 45mpg on average, high 50's on motorway at about 75mph, and plus the fact i bought the car off him.... he hates me now! lol.

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Post by Paulee »

just got my Xantia TD VSX and there was a printout with the service history documenting every fill up from 17462 miles to 76836 miles over 11 years.
Over 59,401 miles it supped 6723 litres to give it an overall average of 40.47 mpg pretty good I thought.....

Brian Oblivion
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Post by Brian Oblivion »

Peugeot 306 1.9 XLD 1994 192.5k (I did 164k of that). 40-55Mpg. 40 ish around town. late 30's at 90mph on the Motorway. Best 76 Mpg during the fuel crisis (at 40-50 mph).
New Car 1994 ZX Aura 1.9 TD 63k. So far 49 Mpg, doing more town work at the moment so MPG dropping.

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Post by davek-uk »

I had a (now what do they call it...) cash flow crisis last month and had to make my fuel last. Averaged 53mpg in the Xantia by taking it VERY carefully (not over 2k revs etc). Pretty boring but rather surprising. I couldn't keep it up though!

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Post by mark_sp »

Last word ?
Wasn't going to say anymore but something amazing has happened.
Last few months I've had the feeling that I was not using as much fuel simply because I had money left in my fuel kitty.
Got round to monitoring my fuel consumption over the last couple of weeks and I'm now getting 38mpg, a significant improvement on the original 34 mpg. Only thing is I've no idea why.
I'm doing the same journeys, filling up with the same supermarket fuel and driving in the same manner. The only thing that has happened to the car is routine servicing.
And just to compound things I was running the air-con during most of the test period ?
The only theory I have come up with is that maybe the engine was still tight when I bought the car (58k)and has subsequently loosened up (now 72k) but I think this is unlikely.

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Post by tomsheppard »

The routine servicing is the key, Mark. That together with diligent monitoring of the tyre pressures and the warmer weather should be worth the extra 4MPG. 38 with the Aircon on suggests that you are pretty well there. IIRC, you only travel a few miles each way to work. That would certainly be reflected in the warmer weather as the engine warms up much more quickly.
The old TZD (Dunno if I should tell you this, it may upset you:) is returning better than 50 mpg following oil and filter changes, half a bottle of Redex and the replacement of a warped rear disk.
A duff glowplug was changed and the starting came back onto four. Stripping and cleaning the starter motor made it start like a new car. Steam cleaning the outside of the intercooler found loads of extra horsepower as all the crudge that had built up over twelve years gave up blocking the airways.
Driving style as ever, brisk!
I've done loads of cleaning and polishing; the sills and the window surrounds are repainted and all the electrics are debugged. Even the ABS works (when it feels like it...I'll get that gremlin yet!).
She is due for her first continental trip now-just as soon as I can get some time off!
Next project- Aircon. That'll keep me busy!

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Post by mark_sp »

I take your point about the warmer weather and faster warm ups given that most of my journeys as you know are short hops of say 6 miles.
But the air is also less dense.
And I agree with your comments about regular servicing too, but even so I'm still surprised as nothing has happened to the pump/timing/injectors and the air filter has not even been replaced recently.
Glad to hear the BX is running well as you have certainly put the work in. It was the correct decision for me to part with it to someone like yourself but I don't half miss the load carrying capacity and softer ride. I can't remeber now what mpg I got from the BX (I did use the performance though) but I do remember having to up my fuel budget when I bought the Xantia.

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Post by Sl4yer »

My new (to me) Zx Volcane TD did 40 MPG on the first fill, but with some injector cleaner is now doing 47-50 MPG. Thats mainly motorway work (either 85-90 or stop-start...some of you may know the M6 on a Friday afernoon) or short journeys up and down the hills in the Forest of Dean.
So overall I'm pretty pleased, although I'm sure it could be quicker. Its getting serviced tomorrow, so I'm hoping that might make a difference [:)]


Post by philhoward »

First one to check on a ZX woudl be the throttle cable is adjusted correct, quite a few people (maninly 1.9D owners, though) find that full throttle at the pedal isn't always full throttle at the injector pump...

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Post by Sl4yer »

Checked the accelerator cable, and its spot on. But thanks anyway [:)]
The garage who serviced it said the fuel filter was full of wet gunge, so hopefully that will make a difference!

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Post by IanD »

Well I've just joined the Diesel ranks with a ZX Volcane TD & am getting between 45-50mpg average so I'm well pleased after my previous car (a 360bhp Sapphire Cosworth) which averaged less than half that, only thing is I'm not getting places quite as fast LOL (Although the bank balance is certainly a bit healthier!) Gonna have to get the boost/pump mod done soon! :)


Post by cheesesliceking »

you gave up a Cosworth for a ZX.. are you insane??[:p]