Xantia front end "hum"

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Xantia front end "hum"

Post by dennys » 17 Oct 2001, 04:51

My Xantia T/D Estate has developed a "hum" (I dont mean smell!!) at the front end-cant tell which side but it increases with speed and is there in neutral but is worse when I let the speed drop to 38mph in 5th. and then accelerate slowly.It's ever so slightly quieter on left hand bends.
Anyone got any ideas?

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 19 Oct 2001, 05:38

Sounds like a wheel bearing on it's way out, if it get's quieter going round left hand bends does it get louder going round right handers, if so it would suggest the left hand bearing is in trouble, the only positive way to tell is if you can feel play in it, they can get well noisy before any play is evident though. would'nt think it was a gearbox fault as the noise is there in neutral.

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Post by dennys » 19 Oct 2001, 20:06

Thanks Dave - I've now had it confirmed by Citroen that it is a wheel bearing even though there was no play in the wheel but it did get quieter on rt. hand bends and noisier on Lh. So thanks v. much for the help

Jim Colla
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Post by Jim Colla » 03 Nov 2001, 02:30

Change both. I had exactly this on my XM. Quieter on left hand bends. I too thought must be left hand one. Wrong. It was the right hand one! They are fun to change though but it can be done.