C3 16v hdi problem & possible fix

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C3 16v hdi problem & possible fix

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Good evening all, first post that may help some of you.

We own a 2005 c3 1.4hdi 16v which has been an excellent car bar one fault.

It started developing intermittent boost which from reading the forums a few people have experienced. This often meant you had no boost or full which was somewhat tiring.

After several months of fault finding as no fault codes were being logged I found the following fix which has returned our car to full working order.

This vehicle also has the egr system disconnected.

I noticed a slight oil film on the turbocharger where it joins the black plastic component between it and the intercooler.

I diconnected this cleaned it and reassembled it. This has now returned the car back to good health and after two weeks of use there is now no oil residue near this join.

Prior to this we had tried another pedal assembly, mac sensor and electrovalve.

Hope this prove useful to others,



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Welcome :)

Excellent first post and idea. Hopefullly a mod will move it to the Handy Hints / Tips forum

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As its worth preserving there for easy, quick reference.