Xantia2.0 is back! And so is his Xantia :)

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Xantia2.0 is back! And so is his Xantia :)

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Well, almost!

Yesterday I went into my garage for some tools, and caught sight of a dusty 1998 Citroen Xantia 2.0, and thought - let's get you running again! :)

So I took the head off, and was suprised to see there was no damage to the valves or the bores!

I replaced the head gasket, along with inlet manifold gasket, and put it back together again.

Drained the oil and coolant, topped it up with fresh oil and coolant, and turned the key...

And nothing! :(

But, it was just the fact I forgot to connect the negative terminal for the battery, what a plank!

I turned the key for take two, and she fired into life!

I just need to buy some Tax and insure her before I can hit the road again!
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