Free tyre gauge [promotion now ended]

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Post by citroenesque »

I didn't get one either....
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Post by Paul-R »

Is there anyone who's got one yet?

Cos I haven't.
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Post by Toby_HDi »

Me neither.

The cynic in me suggests there was never intention of sending them, it was merely a way of gleaning marketing info. :roll:
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Post by ACTIVE8 »

Yes, I also did not get one, and remember reading somewhere else about others that had also sent off for it, only like us to get nothing!
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Post by Trainman »

neither me or SWMBO got one :shock:
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Post by Deanxm »

found this a minute ago on the MBforum with a letter from bridgestone basicy saying they were overcome with the demand, doesnt seem like anyone got one though.

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Post by ACTIVE8 »

Deanxm wrote:Nope, well i didnt get mine and i havnt heard of anyone that got one, to be fair i think they may have been swamped by the demand, once these things get round the net there are huge numbers of people that apply.

Well yes I agree that's what happens, so what sort planner/plonker does this, and suggests it to the management, as a good idea, we amongst many others have been scammed in a marketing operation which ends up giving the company a bad rep, which is not good P.R.

If they are going to be genuine with these give aways, then they should plan with many more of these items to give out, and earn a good rep.

They should be aware of the power of the web, after all they are using it as a marketing tool, and they must have experts who advise them at board meetings.
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Post by Xaccers »

It's not hard to do, you know how many you're willing to give away, you know how many are being applied for, so you set the website to say "offer closed" when the two numbers match.
That way no one expects to recieve something they never will.