resurrecting 205

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Post by citroenxm »

I didn't know they had all that extra, with air con.. didn't think there was any space to get air con under the bonnet.. also didn't know about the failed japan export either..

Shame, the 2dr format puts me off, but the auto doesn't... may think again if theres air con in them..

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Post by CitroJim »

They had a cat as well Paul and as a consequence, the 1.9 engine was slightly detuned from what it was in a standard 1.9GTi.

They may not have made the all-out BHP of a GTi but they had it where it counts, especially, on an auto - lots of torque.

I'm working from memory here and may be a mile out but I believe they had Motronic MP5.1 injection (because of the cat) which makes a welcome relief from the old L-Jet on the standard GTi.
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Post by spider »

CitroJim wrote:
citroenxm wrote:Gentry were GTi's with an auto box only, and again 405 alloys...
And aircon and wood and leather :P The most luxurious 205 ever.

They were a failed Japanese export order and sold in the UK to get rid of them.

Lovely cars, very desirable :P
Very true. I've only ever seen one. :) , a bit more common (although still rare) is the UK spec 'Gentry' , full leather etc.
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Post by jamestheoddone »

all this talk of gentrys reminds me of the first time I saw one, green and shiny, blacked out windows sitting in a car park in canterbury. I, of course, rushed over and practically stuck my nose to the window peering through to see, only to be greeted by a the face of a young lady peering back. She looked utterly petrified, cant think why... :lol: