Electronic lock jammers.

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spider wrote:And an even better advantage of using a key in a lock :)
I'm ashamed to admit it, but whenever I have a car battery out and have to go round locking the doors manually it seems like really hard work :roll:
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davewithington wrote:If any of you are interested in railways, this will be good. I'm going on one of the steam days, if possible.

Funny you should mention this Dave, I was about to! There's plenty of disused railway near me Jim. There's a very cool rotating bridge that crossed a canal as well that was almost in spitting distance of my old house. The base of the bridge is still there, and on google satillite view you can see where the track used to be! A few years back some people from the area set about digging up any remains and now there's a sort of memorial (can't think of the right word..!) there.