Xantia Multichanger and CD-R's

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jgra1 wrote:Mike I put an MP40 headunit from Sony in my xant
As it happens, I was going to install my Sony for MP3 unit but have got used to the steering controls and don't have the adapter, hence I came up with the idea of putting MP3's onto normal discs. 6 Audio CD's gives 8 hours play which seemed adequate to me.
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Until recently, this is all I ever used my radio for and only on the hour for the news. When it came to searching local stations it's obvious I've got a reception quality issue which was confirmed after borrowing Toby's Activa as his radio tuned into stations mine couldn't find unless I went to high ground.
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My Xantia 1.9TD Sensation had a genuine Citroen CD changer that wouldn't look at CD-R's no matter how slow you burnt them the programe used or the brand of disc and neither would the one in my friends Xantia... the changer in the other Xantia 1.9 TD LX I had was an after market Clarion that played them with no problems what ever I can't figure out why.....
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I put a Clarion MP3 head unit in the Volcane 6 years ago when I got it. It was about £150 then - cheap as chips now! It was a good solution except that it didn't display the folder names by default! A drive that reads data (which is what an MP3 is) has to read it faster than real-time (usually at least double-speed), so it takes an almighty jolt to make one skip. And when you're bored of your compilation, just bin it and make a new one!

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One thing I am considering is something similar to a device I've come across called 'Loudlink'

Its basically a CD changer emulator that allows the original changer/head unit and steering controls to be used with MP3 discs.

The only thing putting me of is the price and the fact that whilst being able to store 99 tracks to a 'disc' you cannot navigate them quickly. Instead, having to flick through them in the normal manner. Not a problem when there is less than 20, but long winded for 99!