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Awesome 405

Post by evilally »

Imagine pulling into work in this every day: ... mobiles_UK
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Re: Awesome 405

Post by DickieG »

evilally wrote:Imagine pulling into work in this every day:
Personally I'd rather not!
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Post by addo »

Sorry to hear your job is so unappealing.


Wasn't there a "Ghostbusters" Xantia, too?
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Post by myglaren »

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Post by Citroening »

There was also a CX Series 1 too.

Just looking for the picture ATM.
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Post by ACTIVE8 »

So what's with the Ghostbusters theme only being used on French cars, and PSA ones at that?
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Post by ACTIVE8 »

Here is the 405 on you tube.

The neighbours, and the owners parents must have loved it. :wink:

As in what's that kid across the road up to now!Image

This would be his dads expression! :roll:

Here's another teamfrom the Ramshackle Rally.

They look better than the Pugs owner, and passengers.

Although they should all use their seat belts!


What make of car are they in?

Yes, I know you were not looking at the car! :wink:

The picture does not reveal much about :wink:

The N/S "A" post has something written on it to get them more attention!