White Spirit Allergy?

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citronut wrote:Jim wrote
"with gay abandon"

so you came over all quear then Jim :shock:

anyhow arnt you ment to drink the stuff not sniff it or rub it in your skin :roll:

regards malcom
At least he wasn't wearing his thongs at the time :D
HDI Dave
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Thongs? maybe even the odd... 'mankini' in the top drawer? :shock:


I was thinking, what a set of wusses...

...then I realised I've become one? :oops:

For years,paint/turps/whatever, hasn't bothered me..now it does (44 age).

If I'm spray painting etc it now has to be well ventilated...didn't bother in the past much,just got on with it,Yorkshire/Aussie/etc mentality, (ie,sod it,just go for it :lol: )

Maybe it's an age thing,or recentish products?

Painting (glossing) the house interiour became unbearable..nautious,near migrane inducing,uninhabitable... :puke:

...so now we buy the low odour stuff/paint, (thought it was a con/fad at first)..but it really is worth the extra couple of quid..and that's from a Yorkshire man!