1952 Motor Show pics

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1952 Motor Show pics

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Ok, this is a long shot, but I know what hoarders car people are.

My best mate Alastair, has a 1952 Slough built Light Fifteen with LHD, which is reputed (by the vendor) to have been on the stand at the 1952 Motor Show at Earls Court. This may be true, certainly it spent most of its life in the Channel Islands, can't remember which, and has only done about 50,000 from new.

Now, does anyone have a copy of a Motor Show review issue of Motor or Autocar for the relevent year? If they have can they have a look to see if this car is in it?

the photo was taken on Sunday last at the 25th Anniversary meeting of the 1100 Club, for the ADO16, which Alastair and I founded in 1985 (we're members 1 and 2). I'm the good looking guy in the cream suit - very Graham Greene I thought.