Whatever happened to Rum Baba's?

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Reintroduce Rum Baba's again?

Yes bring'em back, why did they stop doing them? I love'em!
No, I hate them (mind - you're kidding right?)
What on earth's a Rum Baba?
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myglaren wrote:Greggs used to be OK fifteen years ago but they are worse than the supermarkets now.
Morrison's would be the most probable place around here, their bakery is a cut above the rest.

addo - that looks almost erotic :) might have acrack at baking later :twisted:
Morrison's do lovely Tiger rolls, the other supermarkets cannot do them like them!
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Rum baba's WHAT?

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myglaren wrote:Maybe a 'proper' bakery? Although many of them now are chains like the supermarkets and have also 'streamlined' their range.
The only answer is to avoid them. We make our bread and cakes here.

Same with fruit & veg - use markets instead; yesterday at Leeds Kirkgate outdoor market, big peaches 6 @ £1, satsumas 6 @ 50p.