DS23 EFi Pallas. Only 46,000 miles. Amazing!!!

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Hey that looks just like mine!!!

I've got a bottle of Total LHM in my boot too.. :twisted:
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Nice DS ! 8-)
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Thanks for the link to Anglia Car Auctions. 8-)

The Top Gear feature on their web site is interesting.

The car that Richard Hammond bought has a special weight saving wheel, check out the picture of the "1954 LANCHESTER LJ" in the auction yard, look at the n/s rear wheel, the one after the picture showing all the presenters in the hall, and James looking at his bidding card no 88.

Looks like someone reinvented the wheel! :wink: :lol:
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CitroJim wrote:Nah, it's worthless, not even worthy of consideration. It's lacking the most essential part of a DS, the BVH semi-auto gearbox...
I must agree! BVH is an absolute delight.
I thought at first it was the brown one that was at the DSM this year with about the same genuine mileage and in about the same sort of nick..
Didn't see you there, Jim. We were in my mundane Xsara, though.
Be interesting to see what it goes for. In that condition it is in I would have thought £25K to be a bit on the low side given that Len Drew's is, I understand, valued in the £40K region..

Lens' is the incredible white one you see at shows and is better than new...
Len did try to sell his a couple of years ago, but no takers.
Nice, but if you have to remove all the wings and clean everything after a weekly supermarket trip, it's not a car but an obsession! :shock: