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Some ISPs try to reduce the amount of traffic from their network to the internet (and therefore cost) by having transparent proxies.
Basically you make a request of a website, the proxy intercepts this and downloads the web content which it then presents to your computer.
Someone else goes to the website and the proxy intercepts, giving the page it's already downloaded so it doesn't have to go outside your ISP's network.
In theory it should give faster web browsing, but in practice, NTL's proxies were overloaded and not rebooted often enough meaning slower browsing in certain areas, unless you set your browser to use one of their other proxies.
It made troubleshooting browser problems a real nightmare.

As for the website problems, I'm going to order some memory so I can allocate more to the servers.
At the moment I've got 4GB and 3GB of that is in use.
Once I've completed the move to our new house this month I'll order 8GB to replace the 4GB, I should be in a more stable financial situation then with the move costs out of the way :)
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addo wrote:
Now I have Proxy Lady playing in my head!
Surely Delta Lady by Joe Cocker?
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Nah; he doesn't rate high as JMH in my musical collection.