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What is it about Vauxhalls?
Some friends had a cavalier which used to cut out if the engine vibrated too much, as in when you pulled out into traffic, that was a wiring fault.

The AA man who towed my turboblown Laguna told me about a Vectra he'd been too.
The driver was refusing to go anywhere as the speedo needle was flying about all over the place.
They towed it to a dealer and the next time he was passing, the AA man asked them what happened.
"We replaced the radio" came the reply!
The car's radio was linked to the speedo so as you go faster, it gets louder, and it was malfuntioning causing the needle to fly about!
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Julz wrote:
Homer wrote:Wasn't it a Watchdog campaign which got the Xantia handbrake "modified" because people were too stupid to pull it on properly. The modification consisted of filing off the first few notches on the ratchet so numpties had to pull the lever up properly. :roll:
I wondered why my C5 didn't seem to have any notches on the first bit of the handbrake!

I had an astra van that I inheritted from my brother that the brake switch on the pedal was always failing, this resulted in him having 2 rear-end shunts in it.

Odd electrics on Vauxhalls, took me about an hour off fiddling with every switch posible before I worked out how to turn the interior light on, you pull the main light switch :roll:. Sould have guessed really as you have to do the same with the fan switch to turn the heated rear screen on.
I had to use a Vauxhall previously, and remember also the fun with finding the interior light switch, and the heated rear window switch!

I also had the same type of fun in the Activa which is a S2 locating the HRW switch for the first time, and then discovering it on the end of the right hand stalk! :roll:
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Post by Julz »

My wife has a Vectra and all the interior lights have stopped working, I suspect a blown bulb has taken the fuse out. Looked in the handbook to indentify which fuse, there are 3 or 4 different fuseboxes listed, none of which seems to list the interior lights but instead lists things LH door console, RH roof console, I suspect I'll end up trying all of them to find out.

The radio can either be linked to the ignition or independant (I like radio on, she doesn't). If via the ignition, it comes on every time the ignition is switched on even if you turn it off on the radio. so we now have it so it's idependant, but it then stays on when you turn the ignition off, so annoying.
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ACTIVE8 wrote:Yes I liked the railway walks interesting programme, and lovely presenter. 8-)

Prior to the Countryfile programme time change, when it was on in the mornings, she went to a river where the locals, and others travel to do wild river swimming.

Well there was a small gentle current to be aware off, and the presenters had to be careful not to get out of their depth.

Julia and I think someone called Matt who used to be on Blue Peter went swimming.

Matt went in a wet suit with an Olympic swimmer, and tried some distance swimming.

Whereas Julia jumped and played in the water in her swim suit. :wink: 8-)

She was more brave than Matt, and enjoyed the water with the others that braved the temperature it was a sunny day, but the water was cold!

It was nice seeing the lovely setting, and the way the current teases over a lovely lady relaxing, and putting her feet up! :wink: 8-)

Right I'm off for a cold shower now! :wink:
Didn't see that but have just watched her in an African walk.