C5 front to rear pipe

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C5 front to rear pipe

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Hi. Since getting my C5 I've had many miles of trouble free motoring. Sadly, about an hour after arriving back from holiday today, I noticed the rear sitting right down and LDS on the ground - never a good sign.

I've had a look and at first sight it seems that the front to rear pipe (connecting into the anti-sink sphere) is leaking where it passes through a mounting block before passing over the fuel tank. It looks to me as though at the very least I'm going to have to remove the plastic underbody cover on the driver's side before being sure but is the pipe all one piece and will I need to remove the fuel tank in order to replace it? Is there any de-pressurising to be done and, if so, how?

It's too dark and I'm too tired to take a closer look right now, but I guess tomorrow's agenda is set. What a bother!

Any thoughts helpful.