Difficulty of replacing a turbo?

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Dave Burns
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I've never seen any such kit on a Peug/Cit 1.9td, its possible that it might be from a 306 HDI, but I doubt it.
It would have to get its sample pressure from the manifold or anywhere on the intake tract thats subject to boost pressure, the original should get it directly from the compressor housing.
I don't think a load of numbers will mean much to anyone on here, you could try a turbo remanufacturing outfit for this purpose.

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As Dave says, you could try a turbo remanufacturer or even garrett themselves with the code numbers. From the square manifold inlet and the 90 degree elbow on the end of the unit, it looks like it could be off a 306. Perhaps it was one of the later 1.9td's that had part electronic control, hence the fancy wastegate pipe outlets. The only other car I have seen with that arrangement was a petrol turbo, one was a boost inlet, the other a vacuum inlet. Never heard of a XUDT with a water cooled turbo though.