Trouble at Tesco amnd other adventures !!

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Trouble at Tesco amnd other adventures !!

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Took my Mum shopping yesterday afternoon , about 4.30pm , we got back about 7.20pm , it's 2 miles from where she lives !!
Whilst we were in the store it started snowing heavily by the time we got out at about 5.30pm there was about 2 inches on the ground and the car park had come to a standstill !! So we just had to sit there with the queue moving car by car for over an hour. When we finally reached the road we discovered the reason for the problem. The snow had first melted with the traffic flow then frozen into sheet ice that looked like wet glass , it was so slick the car slid sideways on just the road camber !! Weather 1 , gritters 0 !!!
My fun wasn't over though. At around 9.30 I left to drive the 40 miles back home to Worcester. Road out of the area she lives was like death , still hadn't been gritted !! Then out on to the dual carriage way to Bromsgrove , behind clowns who just couldn't cope and were driving at 10-20 mph !! Overtook them in a slightly slippery outside lane , the Xantia handling it nicely. Finally onto the M5 , not too bad apart from more clowns with cold weather rear lights on , I call them FOG lights though !! Off the M5 , down onto the Hereford road , gritting was patchy and care was needed , tested the surface often to see how easy the ABS kicked in.
Further down , more clowns driving at walking pace on a road I could easily do 40 - 50 on with care. Finally onto the B road to my place , that was fun !! Mushy dry snow with a bit of ice !! Had a ball testing the ABS and getting the back end out !! Tried a few hard stops and the ABS definitely controlled the braking and allowed controlled stops without just sliding.
So , despite the difficult conditions , my 10 year old Xantia coped more than well and put even some 40K , less than 1 year old 4 x 4 's to shame and got me home in comfort and safety !

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