Am I being silly?

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Am I being silly?

Post by hibby »

I have just bought myself an old S reg saxo and due to the weather and gritters on the road I have run out of screenwash and have hunted for the bottle to refill it and can't find it anywhere. Car did not come with a manual obviously hahaha

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Post by vince »

Not sure but it will probably have a blue cap
:wink: Trace the clear washer pipes back to their the filler bottle :)

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Post by Trainman »

Got a feeling it's in the boot, behind the side panel :roll:

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Post by citronut »

cant remember exactly but it will be alongside one of the inner wings (i think O/S/F ) under the bonnet, s no w good following the washer pipe as the will end up under the wheel arch,

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Post by hibby »

Thanks everyone for your advise, took it to a garage today to get new battery fitted and asked them to have a look, and some silly person has capped it off hence why I could not find it.