Fitting a Bosch pump to the XUD11 (2.1td)

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Fitting a Bosch pump to the XUD11 (2.1td)

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This is only a rough guid, I will add more info later

I've done this on my 1997 406 2.1td

Any Bosch fully machanical (no ecu) pump (with sprocket)/pipes/injectors/ cold start unit (the cable that goes from the back of the pump to the thurmostat) from a 1.9 td (XUD9) peugeot / citrion will do, try to find a pump that has no immobaliser (if thats how you spel it) as these are hard to remove.

Try to get the pump on the bracket and mark it's position before removal, this way the timing will at least be quite close (I have left mine as was and it runs fine), you can use the lucas bracket if you move the mounting studs to the other holes but you will need to re-time the pump and there is no info on what the timeing should be so it's trile and error, when useing the new bracket the timeing belt cover will not fit back on.

When you try to fit the injector pipes you will need to adjust them as they foul on the head and don't quit line up on the injectors, but this isn't that hard to do, just go easy on them so they don't kink.

The top of the boost presure diafram on the top of the bosch pump (the mushroom shape thing) will need to be tuned 180 degrease so it doesn't foul the inlet pipe (when removing the top make sure you don't change the position of the diafram as this will alter the boost fueling), the pipe that runs from this will need to be plumbed into the inlet pipe (a good place for this is where the electronic boost presure sensor was, I found an bayonet type air line fitting to that screwed in the hole).

The stop soleniod needs to be wired to a live from the ignition, I have used on of the terminals from the old lucas plug (there is two in the center, the one closest to the front of the car is the one I used) but the engine runs on for 15 < 20sec after turning the ignition off so you may wont to find another place.

When you wire the stop soleniod you need to disconect the wire to the cold start timing advance (wire running to the part at the lower front of the pump) or the timing will be always 8 degrease advanced, this is only if you use the wireing conector block that is on the pump and not conect straght to the stop soleniod.

The cold start unit (cable thing) will need to be screwed into the thurmostat housing (after removeing the plug in the side) and reconected to the pump, this will need to be adjusted (so the cable is not tight) when the engine is hot, when hot the engine should rev at 850-900rpm and cold 1100rpm.

You can use the old throttle cable but I found I get a lot of vibration at the pedle and will be changing it for one from a 406 1.9td to see if this helps as the 1.9 cable is longer and will rought around the engine where as the 2.1 cable has to go over it as it's shorter.

Once the car is running again you will need to adjust the base fueling to compencate for the increace in engine size, the 2.1 will respond well to being tuned in this way and it can be done the same as the 1.9td, this is a good link to tuning the 1.9 ... 1931086722

Needless to say you should change the cam belt at the same time as you will have to remove it anyway.

Once all this has been done you can run it on vegetable oil if you wont :mrgreen:

Hope this helps

For some more info go to ... #pid142538 ... #pid130963

Almost forgot unless your car is a 96 modle the rev counter will cutout at 3000rpm but works again once restarted and the engine K light will stay on all the time but you can just remove the buld from the dash, it's something to do with the ecu that the earlier cars don't suffer from.

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Re: Fitting a Bosch pump to the XUD11 (2.1td)

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I used the middle rearmost contact on the ECU for the 12V supply. Filed a small channel so the wire didn't kink.

To keep the tach working, cable-tie the now defunct accelerator sensor fully open.

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Re: Fitting a Bosch pump to the XUD11 (2.1td)

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Very nice info that guys 8-)