Wattle of Baterloo

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Wattle of Baterloo

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- Or, something like that. :wink:

The annual "face-off" in Canberra, political capital of Australia and home of many (related?) things we may or may not like... It's a totally manufactured environment they popped in the middle of somewhat dry, undulating grazing country eighty years ago.

On a bunch of lawns fronting Old Parliament House, there is a meeting by arrangement between English marque clubs, and those supporting "Le Grenouilles". It's simple - whichever side has the most cars turn up, wins. :lol:

Anyhow... This is on again tomorrow (Sunday 21st June) and I will be there with the Xantia and camera. Return trip is a good 650km, so it's an all-dayer. Weather forecast is a bit average, but so long as the rain holds off it should be acceptable! Pictures upon return.

Cheers, Adam.