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Re: Citroenmads Citroen blog.

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Hell Razor5543 wrote:
14 Jan 2019, 21:19
Welcome back. You don't have to own a French car to be a member of this forum, just being great company will do.

Thanks! Well I'm not sure about the great company but I shall try my best :lol:
myglaren wrote:
14 Jan 2019, 21:29
Wot 'ee said!

Be nice to catch up at the Northern if you are around.

No idea of the dates yet but usually late May to early April.

I'm hoping to be at the Northern Rally, hopefully with a Citroen ... likely from the family fleet rather than my own but we shall see!

Michel wrote:
14 Jan 2019, 22:37
Citroenmad wrote:
14 Jan 2019, 20:44
Its been a while since I've been on here!

I used to be on here such a lot, does anyone still visit here from old?

Pretty much everyone who was here last time you were Chris, apart from Addo and I've not heard from DickieG for aeons. Otherwise it's as you were...

Hope you're well.. I have a Japanese motorbike and a Czech car at the moment...

Michel is Northern_Mike... Buyer of your V6 and C5

Thats good to know, thanks Mike and its good to see you're still on here too. I note as is Jim, though I more catch up with his active life on Facebook these days.

I shall stick around, maybe I'm on the look out for another car too.

Since my last postings, I've had all manner of things. BMW 3 Series Touring, Skoda Octavia Scout, Toyota Yaris, Peugeot 107, Volvo V70, Citroen C3 (I missed that one!?), Passat GT, Golf GTD, VW Up! TSi, SAAB 9-3 Wagon and a Golf GTi, to name a few. Ranging from new to 15 or so years and usually three at a time ... you know me!

Currently the fleet is quite German and a little Sweedish, but I figured as I'm still welcome on here, I would add to my blog ...

Along with Citroen I've always had a soft spot for VW group cars, MINIs and Volvos - so in my time away from here, thats pretty much what I've been buying.

I've always had a huge soft spot for the early MINI Cooper S, its compact and well stanced body, go cart handling and its supercharger whine, I had thought about getting one for a long time. This one is actually my second first generation MINI Cooper S (R53), I had a 2004 model in Grey with a white roof before this one - a higher mileage car with fewer options. Once I knew I really did like driving the R53 (code for the first gen Cooper S) I set about looking for my ideal spec in good condition. This is the one I found, one of the very last R53s before the body changed and engine went to a turbo unit - a 2006 Astro black with black roof Cooper S. It is fitted with just about every option from new, including electric panoramic sunroof, full black 'Lounge' leather with front seat heaters, multi-function steering wheel with cruise control, mechanical limited slip diff and Sport+ suspension, air conditioning, chrome pack and the CHILLI pack - xenon headlights with washers, sports seats and suspension, 3 spoke steering wheel. I've had it coming up to a year now and have no plans to sell it on yet. It does have a few modifications too, upgrades shockers, grooved discs, reduced super charger pulley and I've also changed the wheels to ones from a 'Checkmate'.

I don't tend to use the MINI a great deal, it usually stays in its garage and comes out just on nice days. Though I have taken it on a track day, which was excellent fun! I've also had it to a few shows, one being last years Goodwood Festival of Speed - a long long drive for me at about 600 miles but the MINI proved to be a surprisingly comfortable motorway cruiser.
This is my second MK7 Golf, I had a GTD a couple of years ago and now have this Match Edition DSG. I can throughly recommend one, it is possibly the ideal daily driver for me. Without going into too much detail, they just do everything so very well; from the interior ergonomics to the ride and handling and general feel of the car. I get on very well with the driving position of these and it has been a favourite since I first drove one. I especially like them for the standard adaptive cruise control feature, which makes any journey even less tiring and its partly why I've had two of these and a Passat in between. I chose the DSG this time which works superbly with the adaptive cruise control, and its very refined with superb gear changes, without really impacting on the fuel eocnomy, which is excellent! I went with the Match Edition as it has all of the spec I like, heated seats, android auto, adaptive cruise, auto everything and sat nav. It has so many great features that just make living with the car so easy. So this takes up the bulk of my mileage, which is still somewhere near 25k a year.
So the Volvo then, I like the early 2000's generation of Volvos, when they were still Volvos, built like tanks with proper Volvo engines. This was my first Volvo which was an excellent car. Though this one had approaching 200k miles and the clutch had just started slipping, so rather than spend £1000 on a car which was worth as much, I sold it on as I don't really need an estate. It did survive this snow drift episode fairly well, this was 'The Beast from the East' last winter and the old 'Battle Bus', as it became known, certainly got some battering then.
Then there is the current trusty Volvo, a 2003 S60 D5 manual SE with winter pack, which I set about finding once I had rehomed my V70. This was essentially the same car in every way as the V70, just the saloon version with less than half the mileage. It's a well looked after car and as you would expect from a Volvo, everything still works, from the heated seats to the headlight wipers and the ice cold air conditioning. This generation of S60s/V70s is the pick with the D5, as they started trying to make the engine better on emissions, it somehow got worse on fuel, so these earlier ones are the best. I'm getting 51MPG on average from this, which, from a 2.4l 5 cylinder engine, I think it pretty excellent! So this is proving to be my winter hack, doing mostly long runs and interchanging with the Golf week on week. I must mention that the seats in these things are some of the most comfortable I have ever come across in a car, infinitely adjustable electronically, with long squabs and a reclining base, the driving position suits me perfectly! It's better than sitting in an armchair.
Well, there we go, sorry to provide non-French content but I am, at least, up to date!

In actual French car related news, its kind of business as usual with my family. My mum has a Grand C4 Picasso 2.0HDi Exclusive with the proper auto box, EAT6 - a nice car and totally different to the previous EGS gearbox. My sister has a 2016 DS4 Prestige - a lovely car with an excellent spec list - though quite a hard ride! The 6-wheel C15 and Traction 6H still remain as part of the family. The Traction underwent an engine rebuild by a specialist last year and along with many other bits and a few upgrades, now means it runs better than ever. Unfortunately my dad is not in the best of health and so the C15 gets very rare use and the Traction is garage bound, but for the odd local show last year.
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Re: Citroenmads Citroen blog.

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Deanxm wrote:
15 Jan 2019, 00:26
Hi Chris

Good to see your keeping well!


Thanks Dean, good to see you;re still on here too. I'll have to have a look back through your blog ...
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Re: Citroenmads Citroen blog.

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I wouldn't, its 60 odd pages of Meh........

Still got the XM but now its got a V6 PRV engine in because i'm mad, then i got bored and bought a 30 year old Talbot motorhome, probably confirming the madness.

The next 10 pages will be about rust, welding and trying to get the thing to run right so it's not likely to improve either.

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Re: Citroenmads Citroen blog.

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I'm still around Chris although I've not had anything French since the 406 V6 coupe nearly 4 years ago , since then it's been 2 Landrover Freelander 2's . The first a Td4 which sadly got written off by a twit in an Audi , the second an Sd4 auto which I absolutely love , your fleet has certainly been varied . Love the Volvos btw .