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Hi all.

I've had so many Citroens I've lost count. Started with a GS Club Break back in 1974. Followed by many more Gs and CXs. Including a BRAND NEW CX familiale 2.0 reflex (which turned out to be the least satisfying Citroen I ever had).

More recently I've had a couple of XMs but have just discovered how brilliant a diesel ZX is a town car. I'll swear it makes fuel.


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Re: Bonjour

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Featch wrote:I'll swear it makes fuel.
That would be nice :lol: the ZX fuel gauge isn't the best, mine varied hugely (up to 1/5 of a tank) depending on how I was driving it, whether I was going up or down a hill, etc.

You might find that the fuel appears to stay the same until you turn the engine off, wait a few minutes, and restart it. This is because of pressure in the fuel tank so I'm told ...

The ZX is a good town car, with good gears. Nice and fun.

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Re: Bonjour

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Welcome to the forum Featch
Featch wrote:I'll swear it makes fuel.
Just try the HDi :wink:

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Welcome to the forum :D

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Welcome to the forum Andy. :D
Your'e certainly a Citroen man through and through by the looks of your car history. I've only ever had BXs myself. :D
I only drove the BX19TXD for about 18 months but I'd swear I sometimes found myself driving around trying to use up fuel.

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Welcome to the forum Featch. :D