Hydraulic lights

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Hydraulic lights

Post by lazza »

HI All

Firstly apologies for being off the forum for so long. basically that dreaded thing Work and a particularly cold and wet winter here has prevented me from even looking at the car.

The good news is that the fuel pump, whose seals I replaced seems to work well, even with 90% veggie oil at freezing temperatures.. although Air seems to be getting the system again, but I think it is a fuel return problem with my new valeo primer, bought for an extorntionate price that isnt working properly! I will add an anti-return valve and see what happens.

My main problem is that since I changed the accumulator unit (sphere + unit) it's stopped clicking all the time, but when I start up, the red hydraulic lights come on and the height readjusts itself. After 10 secs it's fine and I can drive. I think it must be the automatic locking valve that needs replacing... is this easy?


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Post by CitroJim »

Hi Larry, good to see you again :D

With a good accumulator, it's pretty normal for the STOP light to take a few seconds to extinguish. 10 seconds is by no means excessive as the pump pressurises the accumulator. In fact, with a totally duff accumulator the light will go out very quickly as it has no accumulator to pump up!

By how much is the height being corrected on start-up? A small correction is pretty normal too.

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Post by lazza »

Hi Jim

thanks for your reply

Ah ok, well that sounds normal then. err depends, it's fairly significant the change- normally the front drops quite alot and the rear lifts a bit.

The steering is also very stiff on cold mornings on starting out- which I thought may be related ??

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Post by jgra1 »

Mine is like this some mornings Lazza :D

feels like it has flat tyres, and can take from 5 - 20 seconds to extinguish the light..

I am ignoring it at the moment... some mornings and every afternoon it's fine...