xantia td smoking

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xantia td smoking

Post by boeingmech »

hi i,ve got a 95 xantia td 1.9. i have had a blue/white smoke problem for some time, the problem is- starts o/k with a little blueish/white smoke and driving is fine with as far as i can determine no smoking and oil consumption is low. but if it idles for a time ie in traffic jams, when i accelerate it kicks out a large cloud of blueish/white smoke then clears. it will do this every time it idles. my first thought is turbo oil seals, has anyone any thoughts, and how difficult is it changing a turbo?

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Post by KP »

The hardest part about a turbo swap from what i can see is the access to the turbo and your description points to the turbo seals going.
Best to just get a 2nd hand one or see if somewhere woud rebuild it for you but if the seals are gone it may be too far gone now :(

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Post by jgra1 »

A helpful tip is to remove ( I think RH / or bottom - been a while) engine mounting. support engine from below.. .. you can tilt engine towards front to help expose the manifolds, evey little helps...

I use an old scissor jack to bring engine forwards...

:D John

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Post by jeremy »

You may find that the turbo can be dismantled in situ and the centre bit with the 2 rotors and the oil feed can be removed alone and substituted. I helped a guy do one on a Land Rover the other day - but the LR turbo is on top of the engine!

I'm not sure if that was a Garret or a KKK but basically the thing comprised of an alloy casting (air) an iron casting (exhaust) and a bit in the middle that did the work. I recall that it was held to the alloy bit with a circlip and the iron exhaust with 4 nuts on studs.

If you look on here you'll see that the turbo's on XUD's are extremely reliable and problems with them are virtually unknown. This doesn't mean that they don't go wrong but its very rare - even at extreme mileages.

Your Xantia will have valve stem oil seals (earlier ones don't - just bronze guides). It may also be that the breather system has clogged leading to some crankcase pressurisation.

Incidentally the Land Rover one failed as the engine had siezed due to running short of oil. In fact the dipstick support tube had come loose allowing the tube to sink and give a false reading. The engine was changed for a similar one from a different vehicle but the whole turbo from that engine wouldn't fit hence the need to transpose the working bits. The turbo bearings were very loose and the whole thing wobbled on its shaft - and it made noises when the engine ran.