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CitroJim wrote:
XantiaMan wrote:Skoda Octavia VRS
Sorry Gareth and there was me thinking it was one of Luton's finest :oops:

There's a few characters at work who have them and they all speak very highly of them indeed. They do say that although they're a VW they're better made. Shame we can no longer make jokes about them :twisted:

Yes the build quality is very good, nice paint too, the interior in particular was good.


After 122k the whole car was well above average, full history, only one previous owner, but i wanted to sell it sharpish in case the worst happened so I could reduce my tax liability and tide us over which it has done. And the problem with me and cars, I like to spend money on them, rather alot of stuff you can get for these as they share so much with the Golf/Leon being the same platform.



I dont miss the Maestro at all! Didnt drive it in the past 6 years, it was pointless hanging onto it with the lack of time I have at the moment, family and business first. The Ford's are straightforward to look after and lots of fun so for the moment i'm not fussed.
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Re: Xantiaman's Blog

Post by Citroenmad »

Thats a very smart looking Octavia VRS 8-)

I hope your business picks up, no doubt you will make it work and will soon be back to the regular work your used to. :)
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