Airbag Warning Light Xantia Estate

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Re: Side airbag light now coming on

Post by red_dwarfers »

NAM wrote:Just when I thought all was well and my bank balance improving, the side airbag light has decided to come on (intermittently). :( So me thinks connectors under seat need to be soldered and after spending far too much money and time sorting out the main airbag warning light I am going to do it myself.

I need to buy a soldering iron (easy part) and now just need a bit of help. Which colour wires under the seats do I look to solder together? There are green and orange wires - should I just do the lot? (connector by connector I mean not just solder the whole flippin lot - which has crossed my mind before now.

Do I need to disconnect the battery first? and is there a risk that my soldering might set off the airbags?

Nigel, It would be the orange wires that you solder together. To save me having to get out the huge extension lead or buying a portable soldering iron, I just used a couple of those crimpy things just incase I ever need to take the seat out. As long as it lasts another 10 years :lol:

Oh and you MUST disconnect the battery and wait at least 1/2 hour for everything to discharge as even the smallest current can set off the ol' pretensioners.

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Post by NAM »

Thanks Kev - I will have a bash next weekend. Just a thought - did you use Deans connectors (I read something about these elsewhere)? The crimpy ones sound easy to use - will get onto it!


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another airbag query

Post by davidc »

Recently disconnected/removed airbag as I stuffed the connector on the back of it. Now getting the airbag warning light. My question is that by disconnecting the plug under the seat as mentioned in this thread will that disable the seatbelt pretensioners (which I still want to be active)?