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Yes i know the guy you mean (name escapes me, had lots of kids though IIRC)
I think he has kids but not sure if its old lady that lived in the shoe numbers, never met the guy but seen the cars parked up, he might even own a black Capri with a V8 in it that is always parked by the MG's.
My dad had a montego estate when i was little, the thing i always thought was a superb idea that i have missed in every other car ive owned is illuminated stalks, how much of a brilliant idea is that, well i thought it was and yet so few (if any) other manufacturers did it.

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Ive heard the Perkins DI's are good for a good few miles, due to its - Dont take it the wrong way - Agricultrial design, and longlivity.. The only let down was the Technology for DI engines was not what it is now, and it was a very "LOUD" unit.. I dont think the Two stage injectors helped much either, But im not a massive expert on the Perkys DI..

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The fibre optic stalks were discontinued around 1988 :roll:

Both my Monty's were the two stage type. When warm they were fine and tbh, the VAG 1.9 TDi units were about the same in noise. The Perkins makes a unique sound though and feels like it will go on forever, its just a shame the car around it wont unless you dedicated to the cause.

They were based on the O series petrol, itself based on the B series. They over-engineered it, bigger crank journals and bearing, oil squirt jets on the turbocharged versions, huge rods and thick piston crowns. Downside like the XUD is the HG, head corrosion eats the gasket and then you get a cold heater, then eventually the water blows out. Top it up and it still goes on though!