Peugeot 406 fuel pump chang (Immobilisor problem)

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Peugeot 406 fuel pump chang (Immobilisor problem)

Post by rich201283 »

I have a pug 406 1.9dt R Reg

I am in the middle of changing the pump and i have been told i need the get the key programed to the new pump, It this correct?

I have heard the i can cut the immobliser cas off the pump and replace the solenoid and put a live feed to it from the ignition, is this correct and wil it start after this or does the immobiliser imobilise the ecu as well? My car has no keypad just the key.

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Post by KevMayer »

Are you replacing the pump with one of exactly the same design ?

I replaced my Bosch pump (with imobiliser) with an older Bosch pump without imobiliser. I had a timing issue with the ecu controlled pump. But, to dissable the imobiliser on the Bosch looks like a tricky job to remove all those shear off security bolts.