306 blower motor and other electrics

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306 blower motor and other electrics

Post by shezads »

Got a problem with my brothers 306 '94 td. The heater blower motor and rear demister does not turn on. I have searched for the problem on the forum, and changed the barrel / switch - but it still won't work. It had worked intermititantly, but when it stops working does so for ages.

There also seems to be a clicking from the relays - again intermitant, but getting worse. Not sure whats causing it & whether or not its related. I have tried changing the relays, checked fuses - same. Any ideas?

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Post by Clogzz »

Check for 12 Volts at the motor plug.
The current for the blower motor is too high for the ignition switch.
There's a modification with relay to supply the fan motor:

http://www.frenchcarforum.co.uk/forum/v ... hp?t=17322

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Post by Linchpin »

Check the relay. My 306 burned out the relay socket, all melted.

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Post by pugxpert »

check 3 pin white connector to the left of clutch pedal this is connector between heater and fascia harness had a few poor connections with supply to blower