broken 205 locking wheel bolt adapter

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end of saga

Post by dch1950 »

:D At last the problem is resolved.When I had new tyres fitted last week the lockbolt was over tightened.This was the root cause of the subsequent events.
As I mentioned I spoke with Dynomec Ltd (
and the guy there was extremely helpful.I used an impact driver along with my partial lock key and all was well.I jarred the bolts sufficiently and was then able to withdraw them using a normal T-bar and socket.
Boy am I glad.!!
Now I can start on the real work which is strut replacement and new font discs and pads.
You must admit this is much more fun than one of those computer driven heaps.
Thanks for all your help everyone.

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Re: end of saga

Post by Paul Mi16 »

dch1950 wrote::
You must admit this is much more fun than one of those computer driven heaps.
I agree with that, my 205 GTi is 10 times more fun than my 306 XSi. Glad you got the problem sorted.

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Post by stevieb »

Glad to hear you got it sorted Dave.

I suppose the Impact Driver idea makes sense, as you can actually hold the adaptor into the bolt itself. I found the problem of getting them undone was exacerbated by the tommy-bar/wheel brace pulling the adaptor off the bolt as I tried to turn it. This is where damage to the holes in the bolts occurs and causes the problem in the first place.

Definitely a timely reminder for me to replace mine...