ZX now proceeding!

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ZX now proceeding!

Post by uhn113x »

Hi Folks
Just to let you know, whether you wanted me to or not, ZX is now sorted.
If you remember, the priming bulb would not pump up hard; if you clamped the pipe to the injector pump, it did, and kept its pressure.
Replaced all the leak off pipes - they were rock hard - problem solved!
I still haven't figured out why that has fixed it and how the leakoff pipe to the pump is internally connected, and how air gets from there to the fuel.


Post by martyhopkirk »

Behold the MYSTERY of the CITROEN.
At least all is running again Mike, and well.

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Post by rossnunn »

nice to hear its running again, which is more than can be said for mine :) mind you I've turned my attention to the bodywork while we have the good weather