Sound Deadening

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Sound Deadening

Post by citroenzx »

Want a low cost sound deadening solution? Go to a DIY shop and buy yourself a couple of rolls of AquaSeal roof flashing. I used this stuff on my door cards and it works.
OK so it's not as great as stuff like Dynamat but it does help kill some noise and it only costs around £7 for a 2m roll.

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Post by paranoid »

If you put 2 layers in certain areas its just as good, well it was on an old mk2 escort a while ago....

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Post by citroenzx »

ah glad to see that is a tried and tested practice! i would have put a couple of layers on but i was worried that the card would stick out

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Post by Mosser »

Or £9 buys you a pair of reuseable earplugs !!, plus you can swap them from car to car easily

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Post by Kowalski »

You'd need 5 sets of ear plugs for all of the (potential) passengers you may have in your car...

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Post by lighteninguk »

i think the earplug technique is used by many a drivers already!!
the ones that drive around in their "Sound System Bangers" with exhausts the same size as the ones on the local bus.
maybe they should hand out earplugs as they drive around, oh and something to stop this window pane rattling as they drive past!!

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Post by Mosser »

True, most people would need 5 sets i suppose, but i only have passengers in my car about twice a year, I used to use flat frequency 20db musicians earplugs in my bmw 325tds that i had, its was very noisey to drive, once i got the xantia, everything changed and i didnt need them as its already very quiet when driving

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Post by citronut »

perhaps these people with there sonud sytems cross chanle ferry exhaust systems need to be showne aquaseal roof flashing may be they have these things because tere cars are to rattly malcolm

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Post by ActivaV6uk »

This give me an idea... you know these "loud" cars, I wonder if an ear plug manufacturer would pay you sponsership if there logos were all over the car. :)

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Post by pantherd90 »

They always sound as if they have exhaust problems to me, would be nice if their could be noise cameras, picking them off everytime one goes by.. :p