Sphere removal tool

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Chris Peddie
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Sphere removal tool

Post by Chris Peddie » 29 Aug 2002, 01:34

Hello all again,
A sphere change is looming as my ride quality isn't the best at present, along with rear height corrector cleaning, flushing etc.
So, I think this time I shall buy a real removal tool (to save some cursing and broken chain wrenches). Understandably the pleiades band wrench sounds an appropriate decision - does anyone know the price of one of these and how it compares to the andyspares version??

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Post by Zummerman » 29 Aug 2002, 20:12

Hi Chris,
I paid about £30 for the Pleiades version about a year ago. It arrived the day after I ordered. It's magic and had the rear spheres off my XM very quickly when all other devices had failed. Sorry I've got no experience of the Andyspares version but I suspect it's a similar thing.

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Post by shaunthesheep » 29 Aug 2002, 22:13

if you did want the andyspares sphere removal tool, here is the part number:- N98766........£29.00 + vat.
it's not listed in the current cataloge.
i've yet to use it, will let you know good it is.

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Post by mbunting » 29 Aug 2002, 22:51

The Andyspares tool is approx 1ft thick steel handle, with band loop at the end. Slip over the sphere and tighten bolt with spanner.
Sneeze on the handle, and off the sphere comes !
It's that easy.
Compare this with two broken Halfords steel oil filter wrenches ( at £15 each ), and lots of time.
No contest, sphere removal tool wins hands down.

Chris Peddie
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Post by Chris Peddie » 02 Sep 2002, 14:27

Well, I opted for the Pleiades version, 30+vat (and 6 for next day postage) and it was worth it!! All spheres off and replaced within 2 hours, with a minimum of resistance and the ride now improved.
For those who may be changing the anti-sink sphere, as commented on here before, the sphere is not supplied with the right seal and needs a 4.5mm pipe seal instead of the one it is supplied with.
Cheers, Chris