ABS 405 Problem: Advice needed

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john wallace
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ABS 405 Problem: Advice needed

Post by john wallace »

My ABS system is activating on heavy breaking but without wheel lock. Until I can sort the problem out (?sensor or ECU) I would like to disconnect the ABS and revert to normal breaking. My proposed solution would be to remove the abs fuse. Unfortunately, I cannot identify which of the fuses is the ABS fuse (30amp) in the small fuse compartment in the engine bay. Neither my Haynes manual or Peugeot book provides details. They indicate that Fuse 6 on the drivers side inside the car (10 amp) is related to the abs but removing this hasn't disconnected the system. I would be grateful if someone could advise on the relevant fuse in the engine fuse box or another simple method of disconnecting the system.

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Post by hajj »

disconnect the plug on your abs control unit. This will do the same thing as removing the fuse.

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Post by Jim »

Surely that is the idea of ABS. As I understand it, it should activate without wheel lock. Like cadence braking. You should feel a severe judder on the brake pedal, this is the ABS working, applying brake pressure, locking the wheels and immediatle releasing them again and so the cycle continues.
Just a thought.
Hope this helps

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Post by PowerLee »

Is you ABS light on?
The ABS is ment to come in to play BEFORE the wheels even get a chance to lock.
Try this test:
MAKE SURE the ABS light isnt on before trying this!
Go along a straight road about 30mph & make sure ITS SAFE to try a emergency stop.
Slam the clutch & brake down at the same time & hold the wheel, ABS will cut in, Brake pedal will pulse & go up & down & car will stop.
If it does this o.k. there is nothing wrong with it.