Stiff Gear change on 94(M) 405 GTX

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Stiff Gear change on 94(M) 405 GTX

Post by FerozePal »

Afternoon all,
I have had a problem with my 94(M) 405 GTX gearbox for about a week. In both hot and cold conditions when I try to engage 3rd I hear a crunching sound. This only happens in 3rd. Also, I have noticed the clutch pedal and the movement of the stick is getting stiffer as time goes by.
Im only a novice, and would like some advice as to what the problem could be before I approach my mechanic. Oil level in the gearbox seems ok, but I havnt checked the linkagaes properly yet.
Thanks & Regards

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Post by mg46783 »

likely to be your linkages mate - or more pointedly, the ball ends..have a can of wd40 at the ready .Ive goit the same on p 405 - stiff lever in every gear - just not had chance to even look at it yet !

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look at three easy fixes

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sounds like worn synchro to me try topping up gearbox level although damage could already be perm.