Citroen DS3 breakdown

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Citroen DS3 breakdown

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Hi all , I have a Citroen Ds3 which has broken down last month, ran out of water due to expansion cooling tank crack. I have taken the engine apart, the cylinder head had a inlet camshaft mount cracked and a inlet valve sunk/bent, I have replaced the head with different one,replaced timing chain, vanos, water pump, expansion tank the engine still doesn’t start, it has P0010 error in pending codes, changed the camshaft position actuator and still doesn’t start. I have contacted few mechanics which suggested that timing is wrong. On the crankshaft there are 2 holes to lock the timing pin, one keeps the pistons leveled, the other has 1&4 at TDC , 2&3 mid level, has anyone timed one before? Is a 2013, 1.6 Petrol VTI. Please help!